Fraudsters hit Parliament yet again with new con scheme

Members of Parliament fall victims of cybercrime.

Some residents have fallen victims to fraudsters who are using Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi's name to con them.

Unsuspecting and vulnerable individuals in need of jobs had been lured by yet to be known people who are using the legislator’s name to lure them into sending money in exchange for ‘jobs’.

“I have become a victim of cybercrime. Many people are using my name to con people out of their money,” said Mr Mwirigi.He said he had reported to the Maua police to nab the scammers who were duping people into sending money with a promise of get jobs.

“The cons are telling people I am close to the President (Uhuru Kenyatta) so I am in a position to give them any job they want. But first they have to send a certain amount of money to get the jobs,” said Mwirigi.

The MP who was launching an initiative to have 250 boda boda operators to get licenses in Maua, asked residents to report any attempt to con them by people using his name.

“I was elected to serve. Nobody should pay for any service from me so I hope those who are using my name to con unsuspecting residents will be nabbed and brought to book,” he said.

Igembe South Deputy Commissioner James Kosgei said the police were investigating the issue with an aim of apprehending the criminals.