Jubilee party forges ties with Cuba’s ruling party

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past trip. The Jubilee delegation accompanied him to the three day visit of Cuba [File, Standard]
The Jubilee Party yesterday held a series of meetings in Havana Cuba with top officials of the ruling Communist Party of Cuba (CPC).

The first stop of the Jubilee team of Secretary General Raphael Tuju, Vice Chair David Murathe and Vice Treasurer Pamela Mutua was at the CPC national Party School.

The trio are part of an advance party of the Presidential visit to Cuba.

The Cuban Party School is an important Pillar of Party that has been instrumental in building a movement that has enabled Cuba to score several firsts; the world’s best public health system with one of the best Doctor to patient ratio in the world.

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Cuba has the second highest number of elected women leaders in the world standing at per cent.

The Cuban pharmaceutical industry is one of the best in the world and all such achievements despite a 60 year long economic embargo by the giant neighbour, the USA.

The meetings held yesterday at the Party School and at the headquarters mainly focussed on the methods employed by the Cuban party to manage the diversity of the people that are from three different races whose divide can easily be deeper than tribal divide.

"We focussed on unity of our people as an important precedent condition to any meaningful and sustainable development ", said Abelardo Alvarez, the respected party ideologue who is a member of the Party Central committee.

"Without a vision and ideology to define your party then some other negative attribute like tribe, class or greed will become the organising principle”, added the respected 77-year-old party veteran who worked with Fidel Castro for decades.

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The Jubilee party is studying different templates of Party structures, methodologies of organisation and mobilisation.

The JP leadership has in the last few months visited China, Rwanda and South African ruling parties.

After the Cuba visit the Party leadership will be looking at models in Tanzania and in Europe.

The Jubilee Party has plans to establish its own academy.

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