Two arrested as police seize several litres of illicit brew in Rongo

A woman brewer at a den in Chamgiwadu in Rongo sub county where two suspects were arrested on March 6, 2018 during the raid led by Assistant sub-county commissioner Peter Nyandat. [Photo by Caleb Kingwara/Standard]
Officials from Chamgiwadu division in Rongo sub-county have impounded more than 5,000 liters of local brew -"kangara" and 18 liters of chang’aa.

Assistant sub-county commissioner Peter Nyandat led the operation where two people were arrested.

Nyandat also said that another two thousand five hundred liters of Kangara and three liters of Chang’aa were impounded at Kanyawanga location while three thousand liters of Kang’ara and 15 liters of chang’aa impounded at North Kanyajuok location.

“The two suspects arrested were notorious brewers from both locations but it was unfortunate that the drinkers made their way and escaped,” he added.

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Nyandet said that he was informed by one of the residents about the den during the time of the operation.

 “When we arrived we didn’t find activity at the den, but upon closer supervision were found the brews hidden underground in tunnels.”

The officials poured most of the stuff and took the rest as exhibit as the two will face charges of having illicit brews.

This comes as amid an ongoing crackdown on illicit brew in most parts of the country. Police have urged residents to cooperate in order for the exercise to be a success.

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