Jubilee affiliate party threatens to walk out of ruling coalition

EFP feels cheated after rallying Mandera County to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection to the last man. [Photo: Courtesy]
A Jubilee affiliate party has threatened to walk out of the ruling coalition for being shortchanged in sharing of positions.

Economic Freedom Party (EFP) has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto of reneging on their promise of considering the outfit in Cabinet appointments.

EFP Chairman Issack Hassan Abey on Monday said they feel cheated after rallying Mandera County to support Uhuru's reelection to the last man.

He said the party was promised Parliament leadership positions and other key Government positions, which the ruling party has failed to honour.

“We are bitter to the extent that we have been used and dumped by the Jubilee Party. This marriage seems not to be working and we are reviewing our relationship,” said Mr Abey.

EFP fielded candidates in all elective seats except for the President, which it declared support for Uhuru's second term in office.

Abey cited filling of various Parliamentary committee leadership and East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA), where none of their members were considered despite having a majority number of MPs and MCAs in the county.

“We have five MPs against Jubilee’s two in Mandera but we got no leadership position in Parliament. Nobody from our party was considered for EALA despite us voting for Uhuru to the last man. Parties that brought nothing have been awarded with senior positions in Government,” he said.

He claimed their bid to reach to the Jubilee duo of Uhuru and Ruto had failed, claiming that there were efforts to block them from taking their complaints to the Jubilee leadership.

"We have been trying to reach them but they have been avoiding us," he charged.

He said the party will only reconsider bolting from Jubilee if the President gives them audience and promise to honour the agreement.

At the weekend, EFP leaders met in Nairobi where they deliberated on way forward and whether they should cut links with Jubilee.

The meeting was attended by former Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow, gubernatorial candidate Hassan Noor Hassan among other leaders.

The meeting resolved to move to Court of Appeal to challenge Governor Ali Roba’s win, which was upheld by the High Court last week.

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