Woman found dead in city hotel room

The middle aged woman had complained of stomach pains. [Courtesy]
Police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was at the weekend found in a hotel room in Pangani area, Nairobi.

The woman had complained of a stomach pain to the hotel management before she was offered water and medicine and later went to sleep.

Her body was later found in the room and it is not clear what caused her death.

Police say they are investigating the incident.

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The incident comes a day after another man was found dead in an apartment in Kilimani area. The relatives of the man are yet to come forward to report his status.

Police say the deceased man had signed a lease for the house and that an Ethiopian woman who is now known signed as his witness.

Neigbours say the woman had been a regular visitor to the house.

The man’s rotten body was discovered on Saturday in his toilet more than a week since he was last seen, police and witnesses said.

The body had rotten and smelled badly when police were called to the apartment along Kindaruma Road.

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His body was moved to the mortuary as police launched investigations into the incident. Police say they are looking for the woman who was last seen getting into the house.

According to some of the police officers who visited the scene, the body may have stayed in the toilet for more than a week.

“Some of his body parts were falling off and the bones were leaning against the wall.”

The officers found his mobile phone with many missed calls plugged onto a charger.

The man had apparently locked himself from inside and police had to break in to access the scene of crime.

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