Coffin bearing a dead child's body dumped in school

Shocked teachers and parents of Munanga Primary School in Malava at the institution on the day of the happenings. [Photo by Benjamin Sakwa/Standard]
Learning was paralysed at Munanga primary in Malava Sub County, Kakamega, after a coffin with a dead child’s body was found dumped in the school compound.

The coffin was discovered behind the standard eight classroom on Wednesday morning.

On getting the news, angry parents stormed the school demanding an explanation from a local church whose faithfuls held prayers in the school to exorcise evil spirits.

Police had to rush in and rescue the head teacher and other members of the church whom the public wanted to lynch.

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They claimed that pupils had been asked to contribute Sh10 which was given to members of the said church after they offered prayers meant to chase away stubborn evil spirits from the school.

Parents claimed that the body could have been dumped there by the fake preachers in order to extort money from the school.

A parent Josphat Shivoka said the incident is shocking and asked for the public to pray for the school.

“These incidents have been happening with pupils behaving as if they are possessed with evil spirits, it occurs mainly whenever they are about to sit for the exams and the trend is worrying," Shivoka sad.

Ainea Watai who donated land to the school said what is being witnessed is worrying.

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“I gave out land in good faith, I have never had any land tussle with anyone. The person doing this should stop and let children learn in peace. If you have any issue you should approach me instead of destroying the life of the children,” he said.

Confirming the incident, Fubuywe assistant chief, Brown Juma said he received a call from the head teacher informing him of the bizarre incident.

“I informed the Malava OCS and chief before heading to the scene. On arrival I found a huge crowd at the school. I opened the coffin and found the body of a young girl   buried about 12 years ago had been exhumed,” Juma said.

The school's Board of Management is expected to meet concerning the matter.

Two suspects have been arrested as investigations continue and the body taken to Webuye sub county mortuary.

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