Unemployment in Kenya, what you should know

Kenya records 39.1 percent unemployment rate. (Photo: Courtesy)

Kenya recorded 39.1 percent unemployment rate according to recent report by United Nations; Human Development Index (HDI) 2017.

The latest statistics continue to reflect a shockingly high youth unemployment rate which as company’s downside due to harsh economic environment.

Kenya has the highest unemployment rate in East African. Countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda have recorded a lower unemployment rate as compared to Kenya.

A deeper analysis of the numbers reveal large section of population suffering from chronic joblessness, however statistics haven’t sufficiently been highlighted.

The latest data reflects a shockingly high youth unemployment rate which as companies continue to downside due to harsh economic environment.

With voters below the age of 34 now at 9.93 million, more than half the registered 19.61 million, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have promised Kenyans to create more jobs for youth if they win the election.

Uhuru had said he would create a million jobs per year but he managed to create 2.5 million jobs since Jubilee came to power in 2013. One of its flagship youth empowerment programmes, the National Youth Service, is now a reference point for corruption rather than job creation.

Raila also intends to tap into the youth and women funds to set up single mothers in business according to his manifesto. He has always accused the government for side-lining youth in terms of jobs for vested interests.