Top police officers protecting drug barons and narcotics cartels, declares DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto(left), flanked by among others Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa (right) leaves after addressing the Media outside Marwa's Uhuru Na Kazi offices in Mombasa County on Monday,06th February,2017. He hinted that more drug Barons will be extradicted and face prosecution in the United States.PHOTO BY MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD
Deputy President William Ruto has claimed that some rogue top police officers are aiding the narcotics trade and protecting cartels.

The DP said this in Mombasa yesterday and warned that internal investigations had been launched to identify officers colluding with drug dealers.

Mr Ruto also warned that Kenya was collaborating with foreign nations, including the US, to investigate and combat the narcotics trade through Kenyan territory.

"There could be a few individuals in the police force that have been compromised by the drug barons, but a lot is happening to deal with the suspects. Action is being taken against those suspected to have been compromised by the drug dealers," said Ruto after chairing a security meeting with regional officials in Coast region, including Coast Regional Co-ordinator Nelson Marwa.

The DP said the Jubilee administration was committed to the war against narcotics because proceeds from the trade were aiding terrorism and other unrest besides ruining youths.

Ruto hailed last week's extradition of two Kenyans - brothers Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha - together Indian Vijaygiri Goswami and Gulam Hussein to face drug trafficking charges in the US, saying this demonstrated the regime's commitment to eradicating the trade.

He said Kenya would step up collaborations with the US and honour all extradition requests to ship more suspects overseas to face trial.

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He refuted reports that the renewed war on drug abuse was aimed at giving the Jubilee administration political mileage, saying the Government had been consistent since 2013.

"...[in 2014]... the President oversaw the destruction of drug-laden ship and we also passed the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill with stringent provisions on narcotics trade. This war is not about politics," he said.

The DP also said an internal probe has been launched to identify top police officers protecting cartels behind the illicit trade with an aim to disciplining them.

He said intelligence indicated narcotics proceeds were financing terrorism in the region and vowed that the Government would do everything necessary to win the war against the twin crimes.

Ruto's hard-hitting statement came as ODM chairman John Mbadi challenged the Jubilee administration to prosecute those it believed were involved in illegal drugs trade where there was sufficient evidence.

Mr Mbadi claimed the war against drug barons was an orchestrated move by state agencies to subdue or oppress the Opposition.

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