Kenyans need 99,121 signatures to petition Obama’s Administration help recover Eurobond

US Attorney General Loreta Lynch is expected in the country this week. Kenyans, on social media have started a campaign to petition the US government help recover the alleged looted proceeds from Eurobond.

For a petition to be effected 100,000 signatures are needed so far the petition has 879 signature therefore 99,121 signatures are still needed by February 23 2016. Below are the details of the petition.

We reach out to the Attorney General knowing well that United States President Barrack Obama who visited Kenya last year, asked the youth to step-up and take their place in society and a US bank is involved in this scandal

An amount of 999 million US dollars has to date not been deposited into the Consolidated Fund as required by Law

Eurobond Heist Summarized

A] The total amount of cash received from sovereign bond sale;

-$2B June 27th 2014 (CBK Account —JP Morgan

-$815M 3rd Dec 2014 Tap Sale Proceeds (CBK Account —Citi Group)

So, the total amount received comes to $2.815B

B] Total amount from all international accounts

-$600M July 2nd 2014 (syndicated loan)

-$815M Dec 3rd 2014 (to exchequer account)

-$395M July 3rd 2014 (to exchequer acc

You can append your signature through the following link

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