Why sexual immorality is on the rise in our institutions

The incident that took place a few weeks ago in Nyeri town where high school students were caught red-handed making love is surprising and at the same time shocking. How did permissiveness reach this level in Africa, specifically Kenya. This is a clear indication that the morals of our society are no more and exists only on our lips. Who is to blame for all this indecency?

Do we blame the government for banning corporal punishment in our schools, parents for not playing their parental role or is it the media for the widespread accessibility of electronic gadgets? It is not a surprise when you walk into homes to find young girls adorned in skimpy dresses like Hollywood actresses and celebrities. Parents should be responsible by censoring the content that youths are exposed to.

In some secular music videos, sex is perceived as a normal thing sending a wrong message to our young ones. After watching such content, young people are tempted to experiment and thus resulting in consequences. A night full of passion can result to a life full of pain. Research has further indicated that continued exposure to sexual content has a negative impact on youths. This can explain why many girls are indulging in sexual intercourse at an early age.

Furthermore easy access to internet content by youths fuels this code of behavior. It is not a surprise to get Standard two pupils owning an internet enabled cell phone. Furthermore they have mastered its usability and can easily navigate and wade through various applications as if they are IT experts.

 Since most internet websites have no restrictions, many young have access to explicit content. Most mediums like radio, television, newspaper and magazines, have programs and articles that contain content.

Take for instance in most FM stations where sex is discussed at any time of the day no matter its content. Although the ploy is to woo audience, it has devastating effects to our young ones especially high school students.

It is high time relevant authorities act promptly to find a long lasting problem to this pandemic. We have also witnessed cases where students breaking into girls school soliciting for sex. Policies should be put in place tame this vice.