Kenya Governors demand direct donor funding to counties

KISUMU: Governors attending the second Devolution Conference in Kisumu were yesterday demanding direct funding of counties by donor agencies.

Led by Meru Governor Peter Munya, the governors complained funding through the national government is being exposed to inordinate delays, unnecessary bureaucracy and political considerations of the past.

Mr Munya and Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma argued that there was no proper basis for funding to be channeled in the same old model of pre-devolution days. They demanded a rethink of the system.

"We do not see any reason whatsoever why donor funding for functions, which have already been devolved, are not going directly to the counties. What is the national government's interest in this?" Munya posed.


Mr Ranguma complained that many donors were reluctant to align most of the pre-devolution agreements with the new constitutional order.

Donors who spoke at the conference demanded that counties match their donations, that they increase accountability mechanisms and that they work to improve capacity of county staff in monitoring use of donor aid.