Muslim leaders poke holes in security system

Muslim leaders poke holes in security system
Sheikh Muhammad Khalifa from the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya speaks during a press conference at the Jamia Mosque in Nairobi. [PHOTO: Mbugua Kibera/standard]
Nairobi, Kenya: Muslim leaders have condemned the recent killings in Mpeketoni and questioned the competency of the security agencies.

At the same time, they opposed Opposition calls for mass action saying this would only bring more harm to the country.

National Muslim Leaders Forum Spokesperson Abdullahi Abdi said it was rather strange that the attack which appeared to have been well planned happened without the knowledge of security and intelligence officers.

“Instead of the Government addressing the emerging security concerns, we are being treated to knee jerk reactions where the focus is on harassing innocent people and collective punishment of communities while those killing and maiming Kenyans continue with their evil trade,” he said.

Abdi further cautioned that some of the attacks are aimed at planting seeds of discord and animosity among Kenyans and dividing the country along ethnic and religious lines.

“In these trying times, the country needs to be united and political leaders should stop the blame game and resolve to dialogue and engage peacefully,” he added.

Accompanied by other Muslim leaders, Abdi was speaking yesterday during a press briefing at Jamia Mosque in Nairobi.

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Asked whether the terrorists’ remarks that the attack was a revenge on the killing of sheikhs meant they were acting on behalf of the Muslim community, the leaders refuted these claims noting that Islam was a peaceful religion and that the attackers were serving their own interests.

“Those who claim to practise Islam by maiming and killing innocent Kenyans are not Muslims but criminals who deserve to be brought to justice,” said Sheikh Muhammad Khalifa.

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