Anglo-Leasing investigation not yet concluded, says Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Mumo Matemu


UASIN GISHU: Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) CEO Mumo Matemu has revealed that investigation on various Anglo-Leasing contracts were still on-going.

Matemu said the operationalization of the law on Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) would assist the commission to broaden its investigations into the matter.

He affirmed that whatever else happens the investigations must not be compromised but instead be brought to a logical conclusion leading to prosecution of the perpetrators.

“Investigations are at a critical stage and I cannot discuss particulars without giving hints to the people we are investigating because we know they are good at that because we do not want anyone running faster than us,” he explained.

The CEO intimated that they wanted to control the information until when it was necessary to share it with the public.

He was speaking during the launch of the Senate committee on Public Investment and Accounts committee.

The anti-corruption chief said they will use the gathered intelligence to assist Kenyans in realizing their dreams of demystifying governance especially devolvement of resources.

“There are no perceived exemptions in the fight against corruption and that is why we are saying that governors are not thieves but there are thieves who found their way into governorship then they must be dealt with promptly,” he cautioned.

Matemu revealed that the commission had also launched investigations received by individuals and institutions of malpractice on the conduct of various county assemblies.

“We are investigating the improper conduct of assemblies that have either over-stated per diems for more days than the actual period of trips, whereas others have claimed per diems for trips that were never made at all among many other things,” he stated.

He declared that corruption was no option while noting that the assemblies were not immune to investigations much as they played the watchdog role over the executive.

Chairman of the newly formed committee Bonny Khalwale made it clear to the governors from the beginning that the institution was purely for accountability and not witch-hunting.

Khalwale added that it will be asking many questions from the senators concerning on all the counties and will authoritatively tell the whole country whenever a particular county has done very well.

“And where they have fallen short of the glory, then we will hand them over to Matemu, who will investigate them and in turn hand them over to the DPP for prosecutions before they find their final destination in jail,” he charged.

EACCA Mumo Matemu Anglo-Leasing