Police officer resorts to witchcraft after ‘losing gun to stranger’


KENYA: A senior police officer in Nyandarua County has lost his gun in unclear circumstances. The officer from Kipipiri Police Station lost the gun from his house after allegedly hosting a guest overnight.

Panic gripped the sleepy trading centre over the weekend as police officers embarked on a fruitless search for the missing gun.

After the search, the officer resorted to using a witchdoctor to trace the missing pistol.

Locals were left in awe as the witchdoctor from a neighbouring country conducted his rituals, but these were just as unproductive.

A resident, identified as Amos, said the officer had a female guest and it is not clear how the gun went missing. The witness said the officer’s colleagues assisted in the search but in vain.

“We were shocked when the officer decided to seek the help of a witchdoctor but this also did not work,” he said.

Another officer, who declined to be named, said investigations were going on to trace the woman in question, and called on residents to help in the search.

Meanwhile, a team of Asian traders in Engineer trading centre in Kinangop have been accused of conning fellow traders.