Gun-toting officers who mistake themselves for God

Something is terribly amiss with some of our police officers. Unfortunately, this has been the case for as long as one can remember.

Some officers, and they are quite a number, clearly suffer from delusions of grandeur.  That’s why they assume a mean mien and sneer and sniff at everyone and everybody as if they are God. And they could as well pass for demi-gods as they now seem to have the power over life and death. When they hold the gun, they assume they are above the law, nay, the law itself.

News about the killing of a Kenyatta University student by a purported police officer is heartrending. The fifth year Mechanical Engineering student was shot thrice in the chest at the university’s Students’ Centre by the officer during a party to welcome first year students.

Vincent Kiplagat was acting as a bouncer and reportedly committed the fatal mistake of blocking the officer from accessing the centre after he failed to produce a student identity card. Without doubt, there are many deadwoods that need to be excised from the police force and this must be done urgently! Let the vetting begin, now.

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