Students sent home over lesbianism allegations in Murang’a County


MURANG'A; KENYA: Six secondary schoolgirls from Murang’a County have been suspended on claims of sharing beds and showing queer behaviour.

The students from Ruchu Girls High School in Kandara District were alleged to have violated the institution’s rules on sharing of beds.

The suspension letters inform their parents that they were sent home over sharing of beds and exhibiting lesbianism tendencies.

Most female institutions have outlawed sharing of beds in efforts to fight the culture of lesbianism.

The students were further asked to be accompanied by their parents and each to purchase a bed as punishment.

Efforts to reach the school head teacher for comments failed as she was said to have been attending the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a Education Day.

Aroused suspicion

But the District Education Officer Kamau Ruithia confirmed the suspension.

He said sharing of beds by the students was an offence under the respective school’s rules and regulations.

The students, the education officer said, were not found engaging in lesbianism but they were found sleeping in pairs, raising suspicion among their colleagues.