By Peter Opiyo

NAIROBI, KENYA: Coalitions for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) leader Raila Odinga has said that IEBC, as currently constituted, should not be allowed to conduct the next polls.

Speaking at a luncheon held for his campaign secretariat, Raila said that IEBC was to blame for malpractices in the March 4 polls.  He further said that the commission should not oversee subsequent polls in the country.

“IEBC as currently constituted should not be allowed to conduct the next polls. We want an institution that can serve the country. Let’s have an institution that can stand the test of time,” said Raila.

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Raila, who had contended for the top seat on a Cord ticket, congratulated his team for their sacrifice and dedication during the campaign period.

Following IEBC’s announcement of the presidential poll results, Raila Odinga contested Uhuru’s win at the Supreme Court. In his suit, he said that the poll was not conducted in a free fair and transparent manner.

The six-judge-bench however ruled against him, opting to uphold the results as announced by the electoral body.

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