Why women fall in love with the shamba boy

 Why women fall in love with the shamba boy[Photo]
By shirley genga

How many times have we heard stories where an educated and married woman runs off with her shamba boy and leaves behind her house on the hill and her rich white collar husband?

Singer Size 8 sang about him. International and renowned super model Heidi Klum left her celebrity husband of 14 years for her bodyguard.

  Then recently, it was reported, a prominent politician’s wife left her marriage for a security guard. So who is this shamba boy?

He is that man who is not at the top of the societal food chain, works in the blue collar industry, does not wear a suit or tie, may or may not have gone to college, and barely has a dime to his name.

While the white-collar guy gets to draw in women based on what car he drives or on the size of his wallet, Mr Shamba Boy cannot say the same. So what is all the fuss about this fellow, you might ask? 


Well, his most appealing quality is his great physique. He has the biggest abs this side of the Sahara and often times, carries around an enviable six pack; something of rarity in the white collar world where having a pot belly is usually the ‘in’ thing.

Most middle class white-collar men are only proud and embarrassingly comfortable to be a noisy part of the football and rugby cheering squads in the name of exercise. The very influential men will indulge in a game of golf (very sissy if you ask me), while Mr Shamba Boy can probably do a hundred push ups without breaking a sweat!

I do love my suit and tie men, but Mr Shamba Boy is undoubtedly a man’s man; he is a reminder of what the almost extinct alpha male looked like. You will not find him with manicured nails, or worse, applying lip balm to keep his lips soft and supple.

Another huge turn on for women is a man who can get his hands dirty. So when you have a white-collar man who can barely fix the kitchen bulb and Mr Shamba Boy can uproot a tree with his bare hands, it is not very hard to see why he gets the perfumed girl in the end.

 Further Mr Shamba Boy is not only more fun as he has no time for imaginary class shackles, but he is also available and never too busy. He is a simple man with simple needs. He does not have the many complications that plague the modern day man who worries about what he will match his floral print pants with or if he is ‘cultured’ enough. 

All the above are attractive qualities, yet for some reason, when a white caller woman dates or marries a blue-collar man, it is assumed that she must not only have low self-esteem but is wasting time with a man who could never be her equal.

  At the end of the day, it is a woman’s choice to decide on who she will love and no one else’s. If you are that woman who has done the be-with-a-guy-with-money thing and found it wanting, cross over to the other side.

You never know. Mr Shamba Boy may just be what the doctor ordered.

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