By Mercy Oyaya

Nairobi, KENYA: The Communication Commission of Kenya has shut down six Royal Media Services broadcast transmitters.

The transmitters in Nakuru, Narok, Mukuyuni (Makueni) and Mabrui (Malindi) were being operated without a licence and using unauthorised frequencies.

A further 22 FM and 2 TV unauthorised frequencies which are said to have been illegally acquired by Royal Media Services between 2008 and 2012 are pending adjudication in the courts.

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The six are part of 17 transmitters put up illegally by Royal Media Services in the recent past without a licence from CCK, and therefore in contravention of the law.  Some of the transmitters are located in non-designated broadcasting sites thus causing interferences to other critical services including aviation.  

While addressing the media, CCK Director General Francis W. Wangusi said the illegal transmitters were causing interferences to broadcasters in Kenya and the region, and interfering with avionic communication thus threatening the safety of Kenya’s airspace.

“In some instance, the interferences are so intense that the services of other broadcasters using duly authorised frequencies have been rendered completely inoperable,” said Wangusi. 

Section 35 of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, outlaws the setting up and operation of communications apparatus without authorization from CCK.

The Commission shall in the next few days shut down the remaining 11 illegal stations to ensure that all players in the broadcasting sector operate within the law.

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CCK Royal Media Services transmitters