By Ali Abdi

CORD has attracted only one aspirant for each seat while TNA, URP aspirants will battle it out at ballot

There will be no party nominations in Isiolo and Marsabit counties, since the two major coalitions’ candidates will face each other in the March 4 elections.

In the two counties with about 170,000 registered voters, Jubilee coalition aspirants will compete on the ballot, while Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) hopefuls already have tickets.

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Sole aspirant

Outgoing Isiolo South MP Abdul Bahari of TNA and Godana Doyo of URP are going for the governor’s seat.

The senate seat has Livestock minister Mohammed Kuti (URP) against TNA’s Mohammed Konso, the immediate former Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

The women representative seat has attracted a former commissioner to the defunct Interim Independent Electoral Commission Tiyyah Galgalo of TNA and Rehema Dida of URP, the widow of former Moyale MP Guracha Galgalo.

CORD has no nomination headache as each seat has attracted only one aspirant. In Isiolo, the sole aspirant for the senate seat is veteran politician Charfano Guyo Mokku of ODM while the governor’s seat has Wiper Democratic Movement’s Yusuf Dogo while Lucy Mworia of ODM is the sole aspirant eyeing the women representative post.

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“CORD will conduct nominations for the ward representative as we have attracted one aspirant each for the other positions,” said Hassan Shano, ODM co-ordinator in Isiolo County.

In Marsabit, Jubilee has Moyale MP Mohamud Ali of URP and former NGO official Chachu Tadicha of TNA for the governor’s seat.

“Jubilee will not have nominations in Marsabit. I have been cleared by my party (TNA) to run for governor,” Mr Tadicha said yesterday.

The duo faces ODM’s Ukur Yattani, former North Horr MP.

CORD will have Abubakar Godhana Hargura to face URP’s Mohammed Gabow in the Senate race.

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The women representative seat has attracted Allyce Kureiya of URP and Dibo Isako Umuro of TNA.