State pledges more investment in green energy

By Luke Anami

Tenders for the construction of a solid waste facility to produce energy will be advertised next month, Energy PS Patrick Nyoike has said.

Nyoike said the City Council will invest in a solid waste plant to generate more electricity.

"With a huge demand for power, Kenya is looking to solid waste, solar, wind and geothermal technologies to meet its energy needs," Nyoike said recently while announcing a Green Electricity Conference to be held in Nairobi next week.

"Some progress has been made towards setting up a solid waste plant in Nairobi."

He said the Government was supporting Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in the development of a sewage plant to produce biogas, to be used for cooking at the institution.

The concept will be replicated in other institutions in a move to spread the green energy plan countrywide.

"It will be mandatory for every business that requires hot water to install solar panels," Nyoike added.

He said one of the reasons Panpaper collapsed was the high cost of energy. "The revival of the plant therefore must factor in the use of biomass as an alternative energy source," Nyoike said.

The Green Electricity Conference is organised by the French Development Agency, the United Nations Environmental Programme (Unep) and the Ministry of Energy.

Unep spokesperson, Nick Nuttal called for more investment in green energy. Jean-Pierre, Regional Director of the French Development Agency said more attention was being paid to green energy.

"The conference will address reliability and cost of electricity in Kenya in the long run. It is aimed at promoting green electricity and preservation of the environment," Jean-Pierre said.