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AP in search of missing lover executes 10 people

Updated Sunday, November 7th 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3

By Cyrus Ombati

An Administration Police officer based in Siakago town in Eastern Province opened fire killing at least 10 people including his two colleagues in a bizarre love triangle incident.

Police say two other people sustained serious injuries during the Saturday night ordeal.

The police added that the injured have been transferred to the Embu Provincial Hospital for treatment.

The uniformed officer, who was on night duty at the local DC’s office, is said to have been upset by news that his lover had allegedly been seen in company of another man within Siakago town.

Police say when the officer went to check in the town, he was informed the woman was in the company of his colleagues.

He then went for a gun and started to look for the couple in three drinking joints, shooting indiscriminately at patrons each time as he left and after failing to find her.

Eastern PPO Mercus Ochola says the officer was arrested after he surrendered himself to authorities.

“We are yet to know the motive for now other than what people say here. He will be interrogated to give more information,” said Ocholla.

The officer is said to have eventually ran out of bullets and surrendered himself to the Siakago Police Station where he reportedly recounted his killing spree.

There was tension in the town on Sunday morning after residents held a demonstration over the incident. The officer has since been transferred from the Siakago Police Station to an unknown destination.

Ocholla has asked the locals to calm down as they investigate the bizarre incident.

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