Take your child on a wild walk

By John Muturi

Last week we discussed the ills of taking your child to the wrong entertainment spots such as the bar. Instead of taking your child to adult entertainment spots, there are many places you can all have fun as a family. In Nairobi you will be spoilt for choice.

I recently joined teachers and children in a school where I’m a board member for a tour of the Nairobi Safari Walk. Situated only seven kilometres from the city centre at the Nairobi National Park, it is a place I recommend to parents and their children.

You will certainly enjoy the tour , guided by the Kenya Wildlife Service guides.

The ‘Safari Walk’ as it is popularly referred to is professionally designed to give the feeling that you are visiting the various attraction sites in Kenya in just one small space, with wetlands, Savannah and forests.

The savannah that is depicted around most of the park hosts rare animals like the beautiful Bongo, the famous Oryx and the rare Albino zebras. These are rare species you are unlikely to have seen before and will provide an excitement to your children.


That done, it will be exciting to walk along the path that winds into the forest with chirping birds overhead, squirrels scurrying around and many other animals. The good thing is that there are no animals like the lion to scare the children while the environment is safe.


The path takes you deeper to a different environment— wetlands — and children will be dazzled by the variety of fish, for instance, tilapia.

You will be forgiven for assuming that Tana River has wound its way to the city when you encounter crocodiles and the pigmy hippo, much smaller of course than the hippopotamus.


This is the climax of the safari walk and you and the children will love to walk suspended in the air. You will definitely enjoy the long leisurely walk along the winding walkway, hoisted several feet high at tree level.

It is breath-taking to have a bird’s eye view of Nairobi National Park’s variety of wildlife.

Nairobi Safari Walk also has a museum for young children who will learn a lot about their country’s wildlife. Further, entertainment is only a stone’s throw away at the Animal Orphanage and the Nairobi National Park, the only park within a capital city in the world.

The park is accessible by public transport or private means.


If your are in or around Nakuru, only five kilometres from Nakuru town is the Lake Nakuru National Park famous for many attractions such as the flamingos. The flamingos give the lake a unique and beautiful pink shoreline. Your child will enjoy the beautiful flamingos and the lake’s sky-mirrored waters.

The shoreline is dominated by many fucsia (pink flamingos) forming a rare spectacle as they feed on plants on the shoreline.

At the same time the park offers an astonishing 450 different species of fish-eating, terrestrial and migratory birds that include the pelican, fish eagle, secretary bird, heron, egret, hammer kop and grebe species.

The lakeshore is a sure paradise where children of up to 15 years or any bird watcher will have a field day.


Bird watching aside, the game viewing activity is captivating what with both the white and black rhinos parading. The park is the country’s first rhino sanctuary.

First time visitor might find it hard to differentiate between the white and black rhino. You can give your children something to argue about and offer a reward to the one who can spot the difference.


There is one of the most exciting picnic sites at the park. The Baboon Cliff Lion hill and Out of Africa hill provides a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding environment. The hills provide a unique picnic site for everyone.

Your family can enjoy an outdoor meal together in the wild, watching wildlife. The Acacia also provides another beautiful picnic site.

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