Children blame preacher's new lover in battle for family property

Overcoming Faith Centre Baptist Churches of Kenya and Uganda head Bishop Japheth Omucheyi Muchenda. His two sons have obtained orders stopping him from selling family property. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

A preacher who runs churches in Kenya and Uganda has been sued by his children, who fear he is under the influence of his new lover to disinherit them.

The children secured a court order from the Kakamega Principal Magistrate court barring Japheth Omucheyi Muchenda from selling the family land, which they claim is jointly owned. 

They claim their father was in a rush to sell the property a few months after their mother died.  The family home stands on the land, which they estimate is worth millions. 

Wilson Omucheyi and Butler Ebole say it was all well until their mother Agnes Jabea passed on on March 17 when they learned their father wanted to sell the property, prompting them to obtain the court injunction on December 18.

“The plaintiffs (sons) aver that they jointly acquired Land No Butsotso/Shikoti/1874 with their father, their late mother and their other siblings,” says the court papers filed by lawyer Edwin Wafula. 

“The sons aver that they extensively developed the property and that they lived on the property peacefully and amicably with their father until their mother died. They aver that in July 2023 their father started courting a young lady known as Calsen Adema who is currently 29 years and brought her into the house belonging to their mother.” 

The children claim that their 77-year-old father, who runs the Overcoming Faith Centre Baptist Churches, demanded they start recognising Adema as their mother and even started wedding preparations. 

They say their father demanded that they leave the property alongside their other siblings. He was left at the home with the new lover. 

“The children aver that all attempts to engage their father came a cropper and he maintained a hostile and combative demeanor towards them. They aver that he is now working in cahoot with Ms Adema to make sure they do not access their homestead.” 

They say this goes on despite the fact that all the burial rights due to their late mother have not been performed at the homestead. 

They argue that their father has been scouting for a buyer of their home - and many buyers have shown interest. 

They say such a move would be detrimental to them for they know no other home and that the homestead was a property that was jointly owned.

Principal Magistrate Joseph Ndururi set the hearing for January 15.