Police harass journalist, force him to delete pictures.

A journalist was roughed up and arrested by police in Kitale while trying to take videos of anti-government protestors.

Richard Saka of Milele FM was arrested near Kitale ASK roundabout where a group of protestors were stopped by police as they entered Kitale town.

The journalist was dragged into a police vehicle during the afternoon incident.

 Despite identifying himself as a journalist, the officers accused him of taking videos without their permission.

"Why are obstructing our work? Who gave your permission to take pictures,” a senior officer charged at Saka before he bundled him into the police vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, Saka was ordered to delete the pictures and videos he had shot.

Saka was released after his colleagues, George Njoroge, David Chibeu and Peter Nyongesa came to his defence.

The journalists criticized the police harassment against their colleague.

"We were executing our work and it is wrong for the officers to harass us and yet we did not offend them," complained Njoroge.

Meanwhile, police thwarted several attempts by opposition supporters to stage demons in Kitale.

Many officers were deployed at Kipsongo and Tuwan estates to disallow the grouping of people.