'John the Baptist' from Bungoma to meet DCI

Nabii Yohana V claims he has 46 wives and 289 children, with the youngest of his wives being 24 years old. [Duncan Ocholla, Standard]

He says he wrote his bible containing 93 books, which he uses it to preach at his church. Outside the said church, he has a flag that is surrounded by 12 stones.

"I was born in Egypt and after five years, I went to Israel where I lived for 230 years. I later went back to my creator. I prepared the way for Jesus. I was 203-year-old the time Jesus came. I consecrated him to begin his work before I went to heaven," claims Nabii.

"I am the way, the truth and the last prophet sent by God to save mankind from corruption, homosexuality and bad governance. When Jesus Chris was crucified, he gave me the power to raise the dead."

In a past interview with The Standard, Wanyama claimed Jesus had been sent to preach and save human beings from sin for 109 years, but he had not finished his work when he was crucified.

He claims God later sent him, on February 15, 1941, to complete the work of Jesus and bring light to Africa.

The self-styled prophet alleges that God commanded him to marry 48 wives, and he is keen to obey that instruction.

"I have attended to over 70,000 people from all over the world who come to me with different problems that I have solved," he says.

He adds: "I do not charge anything for my services here. When one is healed and feels like rewarding me, then I accept but I don't demand any payments. All my teachings are linked to the bible. I am the only man of God who is set to change the gospel of this world."

After praying for the sick, he takes them to a nearby river and baptizes them, signifying the washing away of their sins.