Trans Nzoia boda boda riders welcome reduction of levy to Sh500

A boda boda rider ferries chicken on his bike. [Sammy Omingo,Standard]

The Trans Nzoia county administration has lowered levies on boda boda taxi operations from Sh3,600 to Sh500 annually.

The review sparked excitement among riders across the county, who described it as a sigh of relief after the high cost of fuel had a negative impact on their businesses.

Following an appeal from boda boda operators, Governor George Natembeya directed that the tax be reduced.

The administration now wants the operators to take advantage of the Governor's gesture by remitting funds to the county as soon as possible.

Stanley Kirui, a member of the Trade and Industrialisation County Executive Committee, said unlike the previous administration, the current administration has not broken its pre-election promises.

"Take advantage of this gesture by the governor and pay up on time to avoid any inconveniences," he said.

Kirui, speaking at the Trans Nzoia Boda Boda Sacco Annual General Meeting at the Kitale PCEA, that the tax levied on boda boda riders is now friendly and affordable.

"Governor Natembeya reduced the exorbitant levy so that our youths could work without interruption. The governor is completely committed to improving this sector," the executive said.

"Kitale has more than 30,000 motorcycles. According to records, approximately 70,000 motorcycles are involved in transportation across the county," he said.

Kirui said the governor wished to see the sector reorganised into a safe, profitable, and long-term source of income. 

He urged other players in the sector to join the Saccoto benefit from the Nawiri fund, which will provide loans at a three per cent interest rate.

Kirui said the Trans Nzoia Boda Boda Sacco, which had saved more than Sh200,000, stood to benefit from the more than Sh1 million that will attract little interest.

The CEC, on the other hand, warned some motorcycle lending companies against exploiting motorcyclists by charging them exorbitant fees and then towing away their motorcycles when they fail to pay. "Time is up for companies that are out to financially cripple boda boda operators. We will not allow it," he said.