University student shot dead in raid

A Kibabii University student was yesterday shot dead allegedly by police officers who had raided a chang'aa den in Namanjalala village, Trans Nzoia County.

Sebastian Simiyu, 18, a first year student, was shot four times in the back as he ran away to avoid being arrested by the officers during the 6am raid.

According to witnesses, the Education student had heard a dog bark and when he went to check he encountered the armed officers who were on a mission to confiscate illicit brew in the village.

According to his young sister, Simiyu had tried to persuade the officers not to dispose of the illicit brew as it was his source of school fees.

When the officers attempted to arrest him, he slipped away and that's when he was shot, said the sister.

"My brother had begged the officers not to destroy the brew as it was for his fees. However, after a brief commotion one officer shot him on the back," she said.

Jackline Namakhelo, Simiyu's mother, accused the officers of killing her innocent son.

"My son was harmless. He had not committed any crime to warrant his killing. Why did they have to kill him?" said Namakhelo.

She said her son was the only hope for the family. "We educate him through brewing busaa. This is a big blow to our family," she said.

Residents of the village held demonstrations following the shooting. They stopped police from removing Simiyu's body, forcing the officers to lob tear gas canisters and shoot in the air to disperse them.

During the confrontation, one officer was injured after he was pelted with stones.

A contingent of GSU officers in two vehicles later managed to carry away the body.

County Police Commander Eric Ochieng said they are investigating the matter.