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PHOTOS: High School principal shocks many by wearing uniform
By Fay Ngina | Updated May 31, 2018 at 09:28 EAT
High School principal wear uniform
  • Friends School Kamusinga High School principal Alex Maina surprised many by showing up to the institution from Monday to Friday in full uniform
  • He explains that it was his tradition to wear school uniform when he was at Ololaiser

Alex Maina Kariuki, principal of Friends School Kamusinga in Bungoma County has surprised many by showing up to the institution from Monday to Friday in full uniform.

Mr. Maina, who was transferred from Ololaiser High School in Kajiado County to replace Edwin Namachanja who was taken to Maranda High School, excited a lot of netizens after his photo in the uniform surfaced on social media.

He explains that it was his tradition to wear school uniform when he was at Ololaiser, citing one of the main reasons as to identify himself with the students.

“From the previous school I came from, Ololaiser high school, it was my tradition to put on school uniform Mondays and Fridays…I have very basic reasons why I put on school uniform. One of them is to identify me with the students, get to their level and be reachable in case they have a need because the uniform puts people in the same bar.” Maina said during an interview with K24.

Before his appointment, there were some MCAs in Bungoma who stormed the school and evicted him.

However, the MCAs were later arrested and arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts. Mr. Maina has since survived and still goes to work. 

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