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Two killed, one hurt after lightning strikes in Molo
By [Mercy Kahenda] | Updated Jan 04, 2018 at 10:16 EAT
Two people killed by lightning strike in Turi

Two people have been killed by a lightning strike in Turi, Molo sub-County

The strike also injured one person who was rushed to hospital

One child and an adult died while another person is in hospital after they were struck by lightning in Turi, Molo sub-county, yesterday.

Turi Location Chief Thomas Mose said the two, aged four and 20 years, were struck in their house. Mr Mose said the lightning struck at around 4 pm, leaving their father injured.

The chief said neighbours heard loud thunder and rushed to the homestead but found the two already dead.

The father was taken to Molo Sub-County Hospital.

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