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Governor's change of mind leaves nurses' union official out in the streets
By The Grapevine | Updated Oct 27, 2017 at 05:42 EAT
Governor had promised to attend to nurses demands

A Kenya National union of Nurses Secretary General from Western Kenya has been kicked out of a house belonging to the devolved unit.

This came after the area Governor had promised to attend to the issue of Nurses strike. 

That politicians are masters of double-speak is not in doubt. Most of the time they promise heaven but deliver the opposite.

A good example is a first-time Governor from a county in Western who two weeks ago reassured striking nurses that he will address their plight.

The county boss explained to the medics that as a son of a former nurse, he was best placed to sort out their issues.

Guess what happened on Wednesday? County askaris stormed the house of the local Kenya National Union of Nurses Secretary-General and kicked him out of the house owned by the County Government.

The son of the ex-nurse has now attracted the wrath of some county residents for being the tormentor in chief of Nurses.

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