Raila Odinga and team celebrated their win last night in style – Look at him dance

The Supreme Court of Kenya, on the 1st of September 2017 made history in Africa, becoming the first ever to declare results of a presidential election null and void.

The lead up to this huge decision started when NASA leaders, led by ODM head Raila Odinga filed a petition at the Supreme Court, challenging the results of the presidential election.

Raila Odinga and co. seemed to be winning the case after the court ordered IEBC to give NASA access to its servers for scrutiny.

After the win, Raila Odinga briefed the media telling Kenyans that the road to ‘Canaan’ was unstoppable and also demanded the removal and jailing of IEBC officials involved in election malpractices.

The NASA team led again by Raila, celebrated the night away in a night club, dancing to tunes from Emmy Jalamo and ‘Baba’ appeared happier than ever, showcasing some moves on the dance floor.

See for yourself: