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LG taking home automation a notch higher
By Anthony Matheka | Updated May 29, 2017 at 11:31 EAT
LG's hub robot

Although we are yet to seriously start embracing home automation devices here in Kenya, given the benefits that come with it, truth be told, most us would not mind moving into a house already installed with smart technology.


In more developed parts of the world like in America, Britain and Australia more and more people are easily using remotes and apps downloaded to their tablets and smartphones to control their home life.

Smart automated homes come with an array of consumer benefits. Smart features offer enhanced security measures, allowing users to control their appliances and utilities.

Home owners can easily monitor their pets and keep track of everything that happens in the home. Smart technology also conserves time and money by optimizing the house according to the consumer’s personal lifestyle preferences.

 “Other than helping people to execute daily tasks with greater ease, smart home devices are also progressively being used to increase home security,” commented Moses Marji Marketing Director LG Electronics East and Central Africa.


As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to become more egalitarian, and the market more viable, the development of connected technology is on the rise.

New intelligent in-home products, from the invaluable to the outlandish, are reaching consumers on a near daily basis.

Additionally, we are also seeing more and more consumers becoming gradually interested in establishing appliance’s ability to minimize on effort and save time before purchase. In turn, pushing manufacturers to increase their range of smart devices for the home.


Conversation around the role of technology in the home is changing. No longer is tech thought of as singular, isolated devices scattered throughout the house. Instead, the focus is now on bringing individual components together in order to increase the efficiency of the entire house.


To this end, LG has developed a number of tailored solutions to bring convenience to the lives of its customers. For instance, the company’s Hub Robot automatically takes control of the home, providing the utmost convenience.

Complete with Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology, the robot can perform household tasks, set alarms, create memos, display images of refrigerator content as well as provide weather and traffic updates.

The trendsetting robot has the capability of tying the entire smart home together under a single-user friendly interface.

Before its introduction, the company had earlier rolled out the ‘LG Smart Home’, which is built around the idea of unifying multiple smart appliances into a single, cohesive system in order to increase convenience and simplicity.

 Coupled with its interactive new feature HomeChat™, which employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LINE, the popular mobile messenger app with over 300 million users, homeowners can communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG’s latest smart appliances.

These include washing machines, refrigerators that let users know when certain foods are running low and robotic vacuum cleaners that run complex cleaning routines completely independent of user supervision. Moreover, the robotic vacuum cleaners are also being used to enhance safety and security. They act as a home monitor, employing their cameras to relay live videos to the user’s smartphone.


LG’s Hub Robot also monitors the daily activities of household members and can even give personalized greetings for each individual family member.


The well-rounded customized Hub Robot allows users to enjoy the ultimate smart home experience, paving the way for the future of smart homes and IoT appliances.

  In conclusion, advanced, user-friendly appliances and new smart technologies make it easier than ever for homeowners to fulfill their innate, human desire for a private space that reflects their passions and personality.

Kenyans will soon be able to enjoy this, as LG’s lineup of smart technology and other advanced home products are introduced in the market

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