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Why Kenya would have been a better place if we had more Miguna Migunas
By Brian Oloo | Updated May 17, 2017 at 13:17 EAT
Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna, just unique from his name, the only man with the same name twice, his distinctiveness is not only just portrayed in his name but also in his deeds and views.

If Kenya had people like him, we would have been a better place, a believer of integrity who calls it as he sees it and known never willing to do something to please anyone.

He has appeared to be law abiding and worthwhile as he condemns cartels, land grabbers, looters and drug lords.

Miguna without fear or favor of the frontiers both in the media, on his publications and even face to face on debates, he is one man who speaks about what he believes is factual and says the bitter truth without masking anything and if you dare him, his slogan awaits you ‘come baby come’.

Facing the cartels is one of the most difficult jobs one can ever choose to do, many have tried but to no avail, many shun away for the fear of losing their dear lives but Miguna Miguna on the contrary resorts to holding the bull by the horns.

Kenyans and the media ought to emulate the kind of example that the likes of Miguna Miguna, Prof P.L.O Lumumba, Boniface Mwangi just to list but a few, who have tried to fight for the rights of the common mwananchi.

They have troubled the ‘comfortable’, though few but they are doing their best to keep the leaders on watch and citizens informed.

We need to join them in the struggle to secure a better future for our nation.

Let’s all speak in one voice and accord that for a better Kenya, we need to install leaders of integrity, vision and transparency, or else our resources will be looted to the bitter end.

The future lies in your hands, vote wisely and you won’t regret for the next five years

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