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The truth political parties should know about IEBC as the General Election draws near
By Paul Baraza | Updated Apr 14, 2017 at 12:32 EAT

As political parties are busy conducting their nominations they should learn the bitter truth from their preliminaries which will probably help them make informed decisions after the August 8TH polls.All political parties have lessons to learn from their party preliminaries and how to handle IEBC.

First and foremost political parties can easily see that it is not easy to plan for an election. It calls for a lot of preparation and commitment. Even after preparation, they should also be aware that things may not go as expected and no one should be blamed for that.Also, the political parties should be aware that as much as each and every candidate want to be declared the winner the people voice need to be respected.It is clear that the IEBC should not be blamed when elections results do not favor one or two candidates.For instant we have seen the challenges ODM Is facing as they carry out their nominations.Therefore the political parties should know that the challenges they are facing are the same challenges IEBC faces during the General Elections. Therefore they should not critisise the IEBC because they know that they themselves have had the same problems.These parties should not overplay the matter in that the elections turn violent. We should tolerate and let the IEBC do its work

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