What causes high cost of living and how to go about it

First and foremost the cost of living in a Kenyan situation is what one earn compared to how they spend the money they earn.
According to some economist, the high cost of living is brought by some people increasing the price of basic commodities.

They have also hinted that when we have a scenario where individual productivity is suffocated by politicians. It is said that politicians use the tax paid by the common mwananchi and personalise it when they do some project with the money and claim that they are the ones who did them.

Also, it is said that when people fail to diversify the food they eat it raises the cost of living in the sense that the demand for the single good goes up making the price to increase hence the need to dig deeper into your pocket to pay for goods that were meant to be sold cheaply.

The economist says that it is important for the government to reduce the coast of production on most of the goods.

They further hinted that politician plays a key role in regulating the coast of living because of poor policies, corruption and failed system.

Additionally, according to them, drought contribute the high cost of living in Kenya.This is why it needs to be addressed.

They also advised Kenyan to make a budget and ensure that they follow the budget to the latter.On the other hand, they also said as Kenyans we can cut on the cost of living by reducing the number of meals we take per day.