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One ‘mistake’ that President Uhuru did when he visited KDF soldiers in Somalia
By Paul Baraza | Updated Mar 21, 2017 at 08:58 EAT

Two days ago the commander in chief of the armed forces in Kenya visited the Kenyan soldiers who are stationed in Somalia to liberate the Somalia Nationals from the hands of the Al-Shabaab militia.

His visits to Somalia was not announced until the president returned back to the country.A number of people have faulted the President's move of going to Somalia without necessarily informing the newly elected Somalia president.According to them, the President move was interpreted as a lack of respect to the President of Somalia. Some argued that President Uhuru should at least have informed his counterpart from Somalia to show that he recognises him as the head of state.To me, the President was right because if he could have announced that he is going to Somalia there are high chances that the militia could have planned an attack on him.Also, the Dhobley camp he visited is not under the control of Somalia government. This camp serves as the headquarters of the African union Mission in Somalia.The President decision to visit the KDF soldiers in the harsh terrain was a morale booster to the soldiers who are gallantly fighting the Al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia. Was is it neccessary for President Uhuru to inform the president of Somalia about his visit to his country?The KDF soldiers at least are in high spirit ready to fight the militia knowing that they have a strong backing from their chief commander.

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