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Why Musalia Mudavadi should be NASA’s flagbearer
By Sitati Munoko | Updated Mar 21, 2017 at 07:31 EAT
The people of Kenya are hungry and thirsty, but not for bread nor juice. They are hungry and thirsty for good governance and leadership. ​They have been and continue to yearn for change and see new dawn dropping a sigh of relief to their legitimate expectation of a leader who is neither a decoy of a people nor a protector of cronies.The incumbent has betrayed the trust the people had in them when they endured the morning taciturn and dew queuing to vote for them. They expected a pragmatic shift of the vitendawili government to a vitendo government which is Jubilee’s motto of kusema na kutenda not kusema na kutenga. They saw young and energetic leaders ready to propel the national economy to a greater level which has never come. They have been dying in hospitals like wild animals for the last three months and the leaders elected to protect their constitutional rights of access to health were mum. Their university students were out of school for the last over two months. The hoi polloi have suffered in silence.The people are looking for change and crave for an alternative to the incumbent. They have started looking in the opposition for that alternate hope. Although some have fears but they see hope. They see a man in that side and secretly offer prayers for him to be the flagbearer.That man, is Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, the son of Moses Mudamba. A very calm, gregarious, and soft-spoken politician who has demystified the narrative that politics is a dirty game. The reality is politics is good but some players are foul-mouthed whose tongue has nothing but insults. Mudavadi guards his tongue the way a chicken does to its chicks. His humility has made him rise to various positions. He’s held several ministerial dockets including the most powerful Ministry of Finance. Amongst other ministries he’s held include Agriculture, Marketing, and supplies. He has vast experience in the running of the government and he’s grown up being in the heartbeat of government business and functionaries.On the other hand, there’s a well-choreographed game plan to front former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the best placed to carry the NASA flag. The design is by polls. Raila Odinga is a politically tested and proven political mafia feared and respected in equal measures. He is also a seasoned loser of elections like Arsene Wenger loses the English Premier League. They both start well and have a fanatical support but have never mastered a winning strategy. Coincidentally baba is an ardent Arsenal supporter. In the same way, Arsene Wenger has decided to find a future out of EPL, baba should also find a future out of politics and bless others to continue. Further, there’s a generational unsubstantiated fear in some quarters about Raila. Every time he vies for the presidency, the unborn, the minors and the deceased have to vote to deny him access to the house at the hill. Equally, he’s a religious following that is so committed to supporting him. The equal measure of love and hate of Raila was termed by the late Wamalwa Kijana as Railaphobia and Railamania.It is time to give a pass to Musalia “Messi” Mudavadi to deliver the victory August. The truth is it is unlikely that Raila will deliver the presidency in August.

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