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Six things that women find appealing in men
By Faith Wambui | Updated Jun 25, 2020 at 14:22 EAT
Things women find appealing in men (photo/courtesy

Confidence is especially attractive in men since women prefer men who aren't afraid to share their accomplishments. 

Women find good listeners appealing because it shows that you respect their opinions. 

Women are complex beings, and it's hard to really know what they want in a man. Every woman has her own unique set of qualities that she looks for in a man. Some favour looks while others favour personality. However, there are some universal qualities that every woman finds appealing in men. Luckily, these qualities can be developed and cultivated to help you win that dream girl. Here are some things that women are naturally drawn to.

1. Confidence

It's common knowledge that confidence is attractive in both men and women. Confidence is especially attractive in men since women prefer men who aren't afraid to share their accomplishments. There's something sexy about a man who's respected among his peers. However, be careful not to come off as arrogant, which is a huge turn-off.

2.  Good Conversationalist

A good conversation goes a long way to making an excellent first impression. Women find good listeners appealing because it shows that you respect their opinions. While the man needs to steer the conversation during the first meeting, ask more questions about her and remember the details. Bringing up the information she mentioned earlier will instantly make you more attractive.

3. Emotionally Availability

This one is tricky since it isn't easy to tell emotional availability in men. Men tend to be colder than women when it comes to emotions, which makes them appear distant and can put off a potential mate. Since women are nurturers in nature, showing emotions like sadness, love, and even anger helps them learn how to respond to you.

4. Generosity

Women find generous men irresistible. It doesn't necessarily have to do with money or gifts though it doesn't hurt if you're generous. Women value a man's time and affection since these are some of the hardest things to get out of them. Additionally, generosity goes hand in hand with emotional availability. An emotionally available man is most likely going to be more generous, which makes them more appealing.

5. Risk Taker

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There's a primal instinct about being attracted to the "bad boy." Whether it's at work or in your personal life, women love a man who's willing to push the boundaries. This trait shows that there will be more excitement in the relationship. Of course, some risks are more attractive than others and vary depending on the woman's age. For instance, younger women find recreational risks like driving fast cars attractive while older women don't.

6. Good Career

Specific careers like pilots, TV/Radio personalities, and doctors can play a significant role in your love life. Most of the appeal is influenced by stereotypes portrayed in movies. However, there are personality traits that men in these professions possess that women find appealing. A man with a good career also gives women a sense of security that's very attractive.


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