Meet the 10-year-old girl who can’t feel pain, hunger or fatigue

People first knew something was really wrong when Olivia Farnsworth was five years old. She had fallen and her bottom teeth had pierced through her bottom lip. 

Although she had a nasty cut and needed immediate surgery, she was not feeling any pain. Her calmness shocked everybody. The doctor even did the surgery without anaesthesia.

Olivia, who was born in Huddersfield England, is the only person in the world who has all the three symptoms of Chromosome 6 Deletion.

This is a rare chromosome condition that prevents Olivia from feeling hunger, fatigue and pain. 

In 2016 when Olivia was only 7 years old, she was involved in a nasty car accident. She had gone out with her mother and was hit by a car. The car then dragged her about 100 feet on the road.

Shockingly, when the car stopped the 7-year-old just stood up and started walking back to her mother. Olivia never shed a tear although she was confused and started asking what had happened. 

According to Olivia’s mother Niki Trepak, the little girl had a tyre mark on her chest but the only injuries were no skin on her toe or her hip. 

Niki says Olivia could have had severe injuries because of the impact but did not. 

Doctors believe what saved her from more life-threatening injuries was she did not tense or panic when the accident happened. This is because her body did not feel the sensation of pain or danger.

Chromosome 6 Deletion is a congenital condition in which the chromosome is deleted during cell division.

Although there are just 100 people who suffer from Chromosome 6 Deletion, Olivia is the only person who has all the three symptoms of not feeling pain, hunger or fatigue.

According to the specialists who have studied her condition, Olivia suffers from a unique chromosomal disorder that prevents her from perceiving danger, feeling sleepy, fatigue, pain or even hunger.

According to Niki, Olivia never cried as a baby and had stopped sleeping during the day from the age of nine months. She was also a picky-eater and could not consume anything apart from milkshakes.

This condition is strange yet lethal because Olivia doesn’t feel hungry, pain or tired yet she must eat, sleep and avoid dangerous activities.