Uhuru apologises to Kenyans for police brutality

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday apologized to Kenyans for the police brutality that was experienced on the first day of the curfew (Friday) last week.

Speaking during a video call with Coronavirus survivors who were at Afya House, the President regretted the excessive force that was used on Kenyans but urged for cooperation from all quarters.

“If we work together and understand that this needs all of us, we will overcome,” he said.

The President also extended his gratitude to those who frequently use the ferry and lauded them for maintaining order while boarding.

To the employers, President Kenyatta thanked them for allowing employees to leave in good time to get home before 7pm.

The Head of State admitted that the pandemic had crippled numerous sectors but urged Kenyans to continue following directives issued by the Ministry of Health in a bid to defeat the virus.

“We are preparing for the worst but we hope we won’t take further measures

“This problem does not discriminate. It is our problem and as long as we face it together we will overcome,” said the President.

He also praised Brenda and Brian for their bravery and sense of responsibility by following the set measures to avoid exposing more people to the virus.

“I am proud of your bravery, courage and sense of patriotism…your desire to ensure that you moved away from those you love and came forward.

“Let us follow the example of Brenda and Brian,” said the President.

Adding: “If you experience any symptoms come forward and get tested. Together we can do this.”

In conclusion, President Kenyatta asked Health CS Mutahi Kagwe to make arrangements and take the two to meet him at State House.

“I want to meet them so that Kenyans can believe they have completely recovered. This time it should not be via video call,” he said.