I am not the ‘Somali Guy’ in Betty’s life — Man comes out to set the record straight

Last week, NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu jumped to the defense of his friend and colleague Dennis Okari after Betty Kyallo failed to recognize him in her thanksgiving post.

Mijungu argued that it was wrong to portray Okari as an irresponsible father yet he availed himself when Ivanna was in hospital.

Further, Mijungu stated that Betty was dating a ‘Somali guy’ who had taken over some parental responsibilities.

Netizens went ahead to conduct their independent ‘investigations’ and linked one Alinur Mohamed to the saga.

Alinur, a businessman and an aspiring politician, however, denied the claims saying the speculations are misleading.

“There have been speculations about my personal life in the past few days. Kenyans are linking me to the Somali Guy who was mentioned by NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu in his story that touched on Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari.

“All these speculations are misleading,” he said.

Adding that his happiness does not come from people’s misfortune. Alinur stressed that he has a family that he loves and asked those spreading malicious information about him to stop.

“I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious Somali Guy to have some respect for my family, Betty Kyallo's family, Dennis Okari and myself.

“Please I am not the Somali Guy,” he reiterated.