Bishop detains wife for spending too much time with the sick

A Bishop in Mombasa has been accused of detaining her wife to teach her lesson for spending a lot of time with the sick thus coming home late.

Evans Manyenyo Elengwa was accused by his wife Hellen Chelanga of locking her up inside their house for close to three months.

During the hearing of the case on Tuesday, July 9, Hellen revealed that issues started when she joined a community-based organization as a social worker.

Her husband was not amused by the fact that she would often return home late claiming she had been visiting the sick.

"My husband vowed to teach me a lesson. That's when he started locking me in our bedroom from morning to evening.

“He would lock me and offer a bucket to use in case I wanted to relieve myself. He would unlock the house only at night once he was back home" she said.

Ephraim Mugune, a member of their church, told the court that they felt something was not right after they stopped seeing Chelanga in church.

"Whenever we inquired from the bishop, he would tell us that his wife Hellen was sick.

“The wife later discovered the husband had married one of the young girls from the church during that period," he revealed.