Jaguar’s careless remarks draw attention of Tanzanian Government

A video of Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua aka Jaguar saying foreigners should be flushed out since have taken over businesses in Nyamakima and Gikomba has gone viral.

In the undated video, the legislator points an accusing finger at the Chinese, Tanzanians and Ugandans for dominating businesses that would otherwise be done by locals.

He goes ahead to issue a 24-hour ultimatum, failure to which they will storm their shops, evict them and beat them up.

On Tuesday, the Tanzanian government summoned Kenya’s High Commissioner to Dar es Salaam to explain the xenophobic remarks and the safety of Tanzanian nationals in Kenya.

Following the comments, Tanzania’s Speaker of Parliament Job Ndugai ordered his government to issue a statement on the safety of Tanzanians in Kenya.

Speaker Ndugai issued the order after Rufiji MP Mohammed Mchengerwa sought his guidance on the matter.

The government of Kenya through spokesperson Cyrus Oguna denounced Jaguar’s remarks, terming them ‘unfortunate.’

“We wish to state that this is not the position of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, and we denounce the comments carried in the video in the strongest terms possible,” read the statement from Oguna.

It further added: “Such comments are unfortunate and have no place in today’s globalized environment. Kenyans are peace loving people who have over the years coexisted with others of different nationalities.”