How Kenyans celebrated Easter holiday

Christians all over the country marked the Easter celebrations in different ways as they remembered the death and resurrection of their savior Jesus Christ.

Some opted to travel upcountry to enjoy the festivities with their extended families although public transport was a problem.

A spot check by Ureport revealed that most bus termini were full and companies had hiked fare by a significant amount to make a kill during this season.

Churches were also full as Sunday marked the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his triumph over death.

A celebratory mood was evident all over as choirs and praise and worship teams led faithful in declaring messages of victory.

Uhuru Park was packed as usual as families enjoyed the day out to relax and enjoy boat rides.

Traders also paraded their wares and admitted that they long for such holidays since sales are often over the roof.

In Mombasa, Kenyans thronged the public beaches and enjoyed the salty waters of the Indian Ocean while others took strolls with their loved ones as they appreciated nature.

In his Easter message, President Uhuru Kenyatta urged Kenyans to use this period to reflect on their relationship with God.

“Easter is a time for reflection on our relationship with God especially for us Christians. As we rejoice and celebrate in remembrance of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us also remember the less fortunate amongst us by showing compassion to the needy.

“As Government, we recognise the difficulties being faced by Kenyans faced with drought in parts of the country and assure that we are working to mitigate the situation,” he said.

Further, he urged those travelling to observe road safety even as they join their loved ones in different parts of the country.