Donald Kipkorir’s advise to Matiang’I on his new role

Congratulations on your appointment as Super Minister. It is a National Assignment that you have no choice to fail. Here is my 5- Cents Advise:

1. Remember your appointing Authority. You owe him loyalty & allegiance without any qualification or derogation. He appointed you without consulting anyone; he can drop you faster.

2. Be respectful to your Cabinet Colleagues. You are with them every day. They have the unique opportunity to lift you up or destroy you. Read the History of Julius Caesar and his fellow Senators.

3. Obey the law but stretch its applicability to meet your Terms of Reference. The President wants you to deliver Big4 Agenda and end Corruption & Impunity. The law should never be an impediment but handmaiden to the desired goal. Don’t break the law, but bend it.

4. Remember the Sabbath; keep it Holy. As you rise higher and higher, don’t let your eyes move away from countenance with the Lord. Belief in the true Living God, reminds us of our mortality and frailty.

5. Finally, never fly to the Sun!