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What women should learn from this photo
By Ureport | Updated Dec 11, 2018 at 15:01 EAT

women covering their legs and thighs with lesos as a sign of respect has excited Kenyans online 

Self-respect is important when thinking of what to wear when you meet elderly family members

A photo of women covering their legs and thighs with lesos as a sign of respect has excited Kenyans online.

The women, believed to be from the Kalenjin Community, were seen at a Rift Valley leaders’ public function and have drawn a lot of admiration from netizens.

Girls are often taught how to ‘sit properly’ at a young age.

Parents and teachers go to the extent of instilling some discipline in them in case they fail to adhere to this.

Back in primary, I remember how my desk mate, was caned for sitting inappropriately although at the time I did not understand much.

Sometime back a photo of women donning short skirts in church went viral and many wondered whether they had been sent by the ‘devil’ to confuse the man of God.

Self-respect is important even when thinking of what to wear when you meet elderly family members in the rural area, especially during this festive season.

Unless your dress code is selling what you stand for, a little twitch to make people around you comfortable will do no harm.

This will help you navigate those delicate in-law encounters that probably comes once in a year which, in turn, will allow you to enjoy your stay right from the start.

That said, do not be afraid to express your personal style in front of your in-laws, these days most of them are comfortable with contemporary choices of clothing. 

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