Five signs that it was a mistake to makeup with your ex

After a whirlwind romance, the two of you decide to call it quits, after gathering plenty of memories.

The songs that you all loved together become a sort of a sore reminder of the best thing – love – that ever happened to you. 

It comes that the two of you make up later. You are yearning to recreate the very memories that woke you up in the middle of the night. However, the relationship isn’t as before. Your ex, though now your lover, is not the person you left. Here are warning signs to tread carefully. 

1) He or she never moved on

It is a signal that he lost trust in love completely, that he or she decided not to love again. He or she will not love you as before, even though they claim to. For that matter, he or she says that they love you only when you tell them. 

2) Threatens to or breaks up with you most times 

This is a sign of insecurity. Even though you’ve been accepted back, he or she is afraid that you will leave like before, especially if you are the one who initiated the break up. This is a sign that all the love he or she claims to have for you is a farce. 

3) He or she has changed 

In the past, the two of you shared a lot in the relationship. There was nothing he or she hid. Now the decisions made are without your involvement. You’ll hear that he or she has changed jobs, and you learn about it a month later. 

4) He or she is emotionally distant 

They no longer care about your feelings. It is as if you are there only to be used. The lady won’t call unless she needs money or a favour, he won’t call unless he needs something from you. In general terms, it is you trying to keep the relationship intact. 

5) He or she does not initiate contact 

It happens that you are the only one who initiates contact. You text first, call first and even bring up the idea of meeting. This wasn’t how it was in the past. The truth is, if your significant other cannot spare a second or two to get in touch, then you probably have no business being in that relationship.