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15 things a woman does that annoys her man
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Dec 05, 2018 at 12:53 EAT
Things a woman does that annoys her man

I know we are emotional beings but don't magnify an issue so much that you lose sight of the bigger picture

Don't shut out the same man you claim to love even when angry with him

1. Thinking romance is his job only

Men appreciate it if you make time to call and send romantic texts. If you plan for a romantic date or get away. For wives, you can also initiate love making some times, not just leave it all to him.

2. Keeping smelly weaves

Yep honey, change that hair when it's old. If you have no money for the salon, keep it nice in its natural state.

3. Double standards

Don't have the mentality that you can do little or no wrong and that he is to blame for every mess in your love life. Slapping or hitting men is not okay for them, just as it isn't for you.

4. Refusal to move on

I know we women don't forget wrongs done to us easily, but don't dwell on an issue that you both have addressed. Learn to put a line under it and move forward.

5. Unlovable tendencies 
I know you may have been hurt in the past but please don't frustrate his attempt to love you by being overly picky about everything, withdrawing, rigid, difficult or harsh.

6. Silent treatment 

Don't shut out the same man you claim to love even when angry with him. This solves nothing. Communicate how you feel. Solve issues as they arise.

7. Blowing things out of proportion

I know we are emotional beings but don't magnify an issue so much that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Don't exaggerate just to show him how badly he has messed up. You mess up too. Show him the same grace you wish to receive when you mess up.

8. Condescending attitude

Don't belittle him, or talk to him in a disrespectful way even if you earn more than him or are more educated than him.

9. Erratic feelings

Learn to control your emotions, don't be shifty and inconsistent, you're hot then cold, in then out.

10. Materialism

Don't make life to be about things. It's good to have a good lifestyle but don't be superficial. Have depth.

11. Impatience

Appreciate his growth. Growth is growth no matter how little or slow. Appreciate the process you two have to go through. Better will come as long as he has ambition and a vision for his life.

12. Flirting

Don't flirt with other men claiming you are bored. That is a form of unfaithfulness.

13. Baseless suspicion

Don't assume he is doing wrong or is cheating based on your own personal insecurities. Not all men cheat. Forget that old wives tale and enjoy your marriage.

14. Forcing issues

Don't force your man to be who he is not. Don't wish him to be another man you admire, in fact, don't admire another man above him. Inspire him to be the best version of himself.

15. Letting yourself go

Yes you may have had children and settled into married life. That doesn't mean you should neglect yourself, look nice, smell nice, exercise, keep sexy.

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