Don't feel sorry for yourself after a breakup

After a breakup that comes with the feeling of lost time, you will always need to find a way out. Some may be too hard to just move on and try to forget them immediately. 

You are allowed to stress and even cry about them, but there is a limit to the extent to which that should happen. Don’t let this kill you and take your life away from you.

The more time you spend regretting why you made a wrong decision, the more stressful it becomes.

Mistakes are made so that we get to correct them and improve on our decision making in the future. 

Do not dwell in the same place for so long when it’s clearly working against you.

Much as it is part of our lives, disappointments are temporal. You have to accept that you did something wrong in order to move on.

Acceptance is the first step to moving on. Look at what you want and move towards your goals instead of trying to ‘make the devil comfortable.’

If they left you for whatever reason, stop blaming yourself too much and revisiting moments you had together.

They left because there was probably no interest in you or something in you. Agree and start writing another love story, with someone else.

If your grades in school are pathetic, stop worrying about ‘what will people say.’ Work on how to improve your performance and study hard enough to pass the next. Don’t start wondering what may become of you in the coming future and yet you are not doing anything about improving.

The change you want to see is you and effecting that change starts with you.

Do not allow your bad hours to turn into bad days, weeks, months… Drop the negativity and live life.

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By Harrison Muriuki
49 minutes ago